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Welcome to the best non-frat-house-frat-house at Sims University!

The Brambles Brothers found this old house, fixed it up with some paint, and turned it into the ultimate party spot.  Bonfires, juice pong, and keg stands all offer up tribute to their ultimate idol: Parteus Maximus, a statue of whom they’ve built in the backyard to take in the shenanigans.

But who are the Brambles Brothers you ask? 

Juniper Brambles is the oldest and the most irresistible.  If there’s one thing he wants out of this life, it’s to have a good time…in as many places and with as many sims as possible.  (I guess you could call him a master romancer.)  He’s definitely flirty and friendly, which helps his cause.  A little lucky streak doesn’t hurt either.  Then again, neither does being a natural cook.

Currant Brambles is the middle of the trio.  He’s charismatic and a big party animal, so he shouldn’t have any problem reaching his goal of reaching maximum influence with all social groups.  He’s also a great kisser and a hopeless romantic — even though he’s not always worried about commitment.  He’s also pretty disciplined, even though he doesn’t usually show it.

Persimmon Brambles comes off as a jerk.  Don’t feel bad, even his brothers think so.  Beneath that evil, inappropriate exterior is an artistic flirt.  Still, his avant garde tendencies typically mean he ends up insulting the people he’s trying to flirt with.  At least he can’t insult walls.  He sees a lot of them since he wants to be completely street credible thanks to his art.

You can download the Brambles and their house right here, or download them from the Exchange here (if that’s easier for you)!

You can also click on the photos for captions!

EPs needed: World Adventures, Late Night, Pets, Seasons, University Life
SPs needed: High-End Loft Stuff

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This is what my friend has been up to during the lockout.


This is what my friend has been up to during the lockout.